Powder Pink Nails: Many Ideas With Shades And Decorations

Powder Pink Nails: Many Ideas With Shades And Decorations

If you are someone who likes a more traditional nail look than the latest Instagram that goes beyond nail trends (remember gel nails). You will be happy to know that this new nail trend is the ideal combination of minimal nail art and timeless style. It is called “Baby Boomer Nails”. In this article we show you some colorful baby boomer nail designs.

We love this look and we know you’ll love it too, so we’ve found some of the best designs. Sparkling patterns, simple and chic nails and much more. Research your choice and decide which colored baby boom nails are best for you.

manicure ballerina pink color


A quick Google search for “baby boomer nails” will bring up images of a French ombré manicure. The French ombré style was an evolution from the conventional French manicure look. Brings the date back to around the 40s (years of the baby boom). It’s a classic and elegant look – soft pink fading into frosted white tips – there’s something romantic in there.

The nail style, also known as French ombré or French fade, is essentially a modern take on the classic French manicure. While traditional French mani feature a light pink base with defined, contrasting tips, baby boom nails blend pink and white together to create a seamless gradient effect. But the trends went further, and created manicures that blend other colors. These can be red, green, blue and many other colors.

Simple but very elegant nail is the first thing you should try. Each nail is oval in shape and has the beautiful baby boom design. Such a manicure is chic and will appeal to everyone. For whatever reason, you can wear nails like that. Or you can combine this style with glamorous accessories like rhinestones, diamonds, etc.

How to do colorful baby boome nails

rainbow manicure baby boomer nails details

Baby boom nails are a mixed acrylic technique that forms a new color between the two French manicure colors. Making baby boom nails is very simple: we have to spread the pink or nude acrylic (or the one you use for the French manicure, since as we will see it is already of different colors) on the opposite side of the cuticle and do the same with the color of the tip of the nail (the white color in traditional French manicure) towards the side of the cuticle, creating that blur effect.

The main novelty of this technique is that they are much more natural than French nails as it produces that blur effect which mimics the natural nail very well, since it is not known exactly where the tip of the nail begins and ends. The result is much smoother, more elegant and delicate than classic French nails.

Baby boomer nails with glitter

almond manicure milky white nail polish

If you want an original manicure perfect for summer days or even for music festivals, I recommend this baby boom manicure with glitter. For each nail you can use a different color but all very vivid and super glittery. Subsequently, this color was blended with a color very similar to that of the nail so that it appears to blend into the transparent.

Baby boomers with decorations

baby boomer nails with glitter

Another trend that is used along with baby boom nails is to put various decorations, as you can see in the photographs of the nail designs. However, they are usually not placed on the line separating the two colors as in traditional French manicure. This time they are usually placed on the cuticle so that it draws more attention and does not cover the blur effect of the nails. Although you can add glitter.

Another trend that has become fashionable in recent months is metallic effect baby boomer nails. That is, in addition to the blur effect, the colors applied to do it are metallic colors, so the result is very striking and beautiful.

And in the colors it is also allowed to wear nails and even use summer or seasonal designs, like these cute and summery palm tree nails that invite us to take a vacation to some islands. The colorful baby boomer nails are quite versatile and can be worn in any season. In autumn and winter, the color tones are warm, such as brown, gray, red and burgundy.

baby boomer with glitter decorations

baby boomer purple nails

almond shaped handles baby boomer nails with glitter

rainbow gradient nail polish

manicure with yellow and glitter nail polish

manicure with glitter gradient nails

gradient nail polish ballerina manicure

blue nail polish ballerina manicure

ballerina manicure of pink color

pink stiletto

colorful baby boomer nails

baby boomer nails with decorations

unghie gel baby boomer

baby boomer gel nails clear polish

milky white and pink nails

milky white and pink almond shape nails


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