38 Chic Red Nail Designs to Say “I’m HOT”

38 Chic Red Nail Designs to Say “I’m HOT”

Red nail designs are the most popular throughout the globe. And the reason is pretty simple: red attracts the opposite sex. Somehow men can’t simply resist ladies with red nails. The other reason is that women whose nails are red feel more confident. Great is the power of red.

Do red nails really look good?
Red color looks great on the nails. It’s a timeless color that’s been fashionable for decades, but it does require a lot of confidence to pull off because it’ll bring attention to your hands. Knowing this, make sure your nails are well-kept, since damaged polish or unruly talons will stand out even more when painted in this striking hue.

Are red nails tacky?
Res nails are not trashy. They are very elegant, sexy and eye-catching. However, it is also true that prostitutes often have long red nails. They know that men like bold red nails and use this trick to do it to draw their attention.

Do guys like girls with red nails?
Men are generally happy to have their wives with red or pink nails. However, some husbands are not be very happy about their wifes painting their nails blue or green.


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