80 IMAGES: Trending Pink Nail Art Designs to Rock This Year

80 IMAGES: Trending Pink Nail Art Designs to Rock This Year

Pink nails are just about as classic as it gets. They’re natural, classically feminine, and the best part is, they go with just about everything. Pink is a go-to color for so many of us.

If you’re tired of rocking the same old basic pink polish, though, there are lots of cute ways to switch up your pink mani in 2022.

Here are the cutest pink nails ideas that are trending right now.

We wanted to show you a variety of different yet highly stylish pink nail art designs for time; nail art designs that are guaranteed to help you breathe life into your nails.

When pink nails first started to become a fad, nail artists started creating new designs and techniques that matched with pinks’ playful nature. Aside from the standard fill-in-the-blank design, other creative pink nail art designs are now featured in many tutorials among internet content creators.

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In 2023, roses have made a modest return to wedding culture but with a twist. We’ve seen pink roses topping bouquets and everything from going viral on Instagram to becoming the most trending photo on social media.

While this is quite trendy and modern, it begs the question – where did this idea for pink nail art happen? It seems that in our creative infancy we sought out anything considered “forbidden” or “undesirable” material to create something beautiful and long-lasting out of.

Examples of fingernail art we see today can range from extreme designs that are hard or impractical for everyday use to more traditional kinds of share sized art like fancy French-influenced embellishments at the end of your nails. A lot of these novelty styles revolve around rose products like glosses, glitters, paints, and even holiday tributes so it’s not unreasonable to think they brought attention back to weddings when they actually emerged as a new kind of language in


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