100 White Nail Design Ideas for 2022

100 White Nail Design Ideas for 2022

As we continue to marvel at trending nail designs worldwide, we’ve got our sights set on the achromatic classic—white nails. What’s so exciting about it? It’s a big deal to feel confident enough to pull off a neutral, especially one as eye-catching as white.

Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Miley Cyrus’ white nails era. I sure haven’t. The iconic, “Wrecking Ball,” visuals still resonate and if you recall, she paired those white nails with a platinum buzz cut and bold red lipstick.

Does that mean white nails can be edgy too? Absolutely! White is a basic tone, not boring but foundational, making it compatible with all colors and shades, so it’s super easy to achieve different moods and textures.
A look for any personality type, fashion preference, season, and occasion, a white mani is an all-rounder you’ll love, and we’re about to see it in all its glory, on its own and paired with other hues as well. Here are white nail designs that will blow you away.


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