75 Bold Stiletto Nails That Will Blow Your Mind

75 Bold Stiletto Nails That Will Blow Your Mind

If you are looking for a new change and you want something daring, then stiletto nails are the style for you. These are the styles that demand attention because they are super pointy. How could you not see a style like this, it’s so eye-catching.

Stiletto nails are around to stay especially now that we have seen celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner wearing them.

These nails look like talons for a reason, they are basically claws. They are sexy and they are the kind of nails that are sure to draw the eye. They aren’t for everyone and they are the kind of style that demands attention. We have a ton of styles available to you. Check out these 75 Bold Stiletto Nails That Will Blow Your Mind:

Before you can even begin to start a style like this, you need to shape your nails into the stiletto look. They have to be the right length because if they are too short, they won’t work, they would just look like points. It should be long enough that you have at least a fingers thickness in order to create the style.

  1. Golden Sparkles

A stunning sparkle is all you need to make these looks pop.

stiletto nails

2. Bold Colors

If your goal is to draw the eye, then you will have succeeded with a look like this one.

3. Pink Looks

These nails truly do look like talons, but the pink coloring makes them look less dangerous.

4. Flashy Styles

Wow, talk about an insane style. These are nails that could easily be weapons. If you want to blow people’s minds, then this is the look for you.

5. Stunning Colors

We love that the underneath of the nails has been painted red. It’s an awesome style that is sure to get you some compliments.

6. Stunning Maroon

Seriously this is a stunning shade of maroon that has some bold sparkles to it.

7. Pink and Black

This style has some serious wow factor to it.

8. Fun Blues

If you love that mermaid look, then you are sure to love a style like this one.

9. Bold Purples

A great style like this is perfect for all the holiday parties that you are going to go to.

10. Stunning Blacks

If you like dark shades, then this edgy style is exactly what you are looking for. It’s bold and elegant all in one.

Tip For Growing Long Nails:

“Protect your hands with gloves when performing cleaning tasks.”

11. Midnight Blues

We love these stunning shades are bold and elegant. The designs are unique and the color is bold.

12. Neutral Colors

It’s a very simple look, but it’s one that you could wear every day if you really wanted to.

13. Dangerous Designs

A dark and dangerous style that is sure to turn heads.

14. Creative Designs

We already love the bright pink, but the colorful designs make for a perfect look together.

15. Pointy Blue

If bold is what you are looking for, then this is a great choice for you.

16. Cool Designs

A stunning style that really has a unique look.

17. Soft Colors

We love these amazing pastels and it’s such a soft and pretty look.

18. Dotted Designs

One simple gem is all you need to create an awesome style like this.

19. Bold Oranges

A great look like this would be great for Halloween, but you certainly can wear it for any occasion.

20. Bold Styles

This is an unusual style, but it has classic shades.

Tips: “Always file nails in the same direction.”

21. Black and Purple

These are stunning shades and ones that are sure to get you a lot of attention. It’s a very bold look.

22. Edgy Lines

A great style that is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

23. Stunning Edges

Look at these dark lines? Lights and darks together are always a great combination.

24. Light and Bright

A fun style like this is simple, but it’s very pretty. You really can’t go wrong with the color pink.

25. Gem Designs

If you like the gem-encrusted look, then you might enjoy something like this.

26. Bright Colors

You don’t get much brighter than a yellow coloring. If you want a stand out color, then this is it.

27. Ombre Looks

These are magical styles and there is a lot going on with the look.

28. Fake Nails

If you don’t want to take the time to grow out your nails, you can certainly get some false ones. It would be a faster service and you can get it done easily at the salon.

29. Softer Choices

There are some high points here and some pretty, soft colors. Try them out and see how you like it.

30. Matte Shades

If you love different looks, then you may enjoy the matte nail polishes.

31. Opposite Styles

Usually the tips are on the point of the nail, but in this case, the sparkles are by the cuticle. It’s a brand new style that is sure to make you happy.

32. Grey Styles

Grey is a very simple look but one that is always going to be popular.

33. Bold Choices

Two very different sparkly styles but they are both beautiful. We love the bold blue and purples, but the grey is just as cool.

34. Metallic Styles

These pointy nails really stand out because of the bold metallic colors. This style is incredible, and the colors together are unique.

35. Bold Blacks

Wow, what a style. The black styles look amazing with silver sparkles.

36. Glimmering Gold

Wow, this style almost looks robotic with the chrome color that comes in gold. It’s definitely a look that is really going to stand out no matter where you go.

37. Simple Sparkles

A simple look like this is all you need for a bold look.

Tips: “Moisturize your nails with moisturizing hand creams every day in the morning and evening.”

38. Bold Gems

In this case, the gems circle the entire nail in an unusual way.

39. Stunning Colors

We love the sunset colors in the first look and the cool icy shades in the next. Regardless of your color choice, you are sure to love these amazing styles.

40. Chunky Looks

These are bold looks that you are sure to love. If you are looking for a flashy style, then this is the look for you.

41. Icy Images

If you are looking for an elegant look for the winter months, then you can’t go wrong with this look. The colors are amazing and the sparkle is unique. The gems definitely take it to the next level.

42. Bright Shades

These incredible colors are sure to draw the eye. There are sparkles and shine, everything that you are sure to love.

43. Midnight Looks

This is an evening look that you can take out to the club.

Tips: “Before applying nail varnish apply a coat of clear nail hardener to prevent breakage.”

44. Pointed Sparkles

A great style like this is eye-catching because of the sparkles and the triangle designs. 

45. Different Styles

We love the lines here as well as the style. The sparkles really give the look some pop.

46. Pretty Looks

A pretty look like this is one of a kind. If you like simple colors, then try out this look.

47. Red Talons

These are super long nails and they are going to feel like talons at this length. The bold red also adds to the “dangerous” style of the nails.

48. Muted Blue

Another long look that is sure to catch the eye wherever you go. The muted color allows for it to be less of a dramatic look.

49. Bold and Beautiful

A great look like this is exactly what you need in your life. This look would be perfect for the holidays.

Tips: “Avoid using nail polish remover with acetone.”

50. Pretty Pink

Talk about a bold look. There is a lot going on here and it’s like every nail is different. The style can be overwhelming but if you like a busy look, then give this look a try.

51. Bold Greens

These designs and colors feel like they are royalty. If you want a unique style, then this is the one for you.

Tips: “Strengthen nails with a little olive oil or other home treatments that we show in the article.”

52. Stunning Coloring

This is a breathtaking color that you will want to stare at all day long. It’s beautiful and you can use it for so many different occasions.

When it comes to cutting your nails into the stiletto style, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Cutting the Nails

“Use a nail clipper instead of scissors. With the latter, the cut is not as accurate. Cut nails straight by carefully making a clean cut. Avoid leaving protruding corners or jagged edges.”

53. Bold and Black

Again, black and white is always a classic style and you can’t go wrong with a look like this.

54. Glimmering Green

These nails have a lot of elements to create this look. We have ombre, sparkles and solid colors. It’s an amazing combination that is sure to get you a lot of compliments.

55. Black Sparkles

This is a look that is sure to catch the eye wherever you go. It’s bold and badass, a truly cool look.

56. Bold Silvers

The silver here really stands out in a beautiful way. How could you not love this amazing style?

57. Bold Accessories

A great look that has some cool accessories that go on top of the nail.

Sammy Tremlin, DivineCaroline contributor and nail art blogger at The Nailasaurus says that it is easier to trim your nails with a clipper. “I personally use clippers to shape my nails,” says Tremlin. “If you’re taking off a lot of length, filing alone would take a long time. So, I snip them first—slightly longer than I want—then work on the shape with a file.”

58. Fun Lines

A great style that has some cool lines and the look is bold.

59. Dark Designs

It’s a simple and dark design that you are sure to love and the great part is that you can wear the style anywhere.

60. Skull Designs

This is clearly not a look for everyone, it’s not only bold, but it’s very large. We’re not sure how comfortable this style would be especially long-term, but it’s certainly unique.

61. Red Sparkles

Red is always considered to be a sexy look and these nails are over the top sexy. Take this look to your next party and just wait for the compliments to roll in.

62. Simply Bold

Another simple look that anyone would love.

63. Traditional Florals

A great image here that resembles a traditional rose stain-glass window. It’s a cool look for women who love dark looks.

64. Bright Sparkles

Pink and sparkles are meant to be and they are always a glorious look.

65. Neutral Styles

If you prefer neutrals, the you can’t go wrong with a style like this.

66. Marble Designs

A bold marble design like this is great for an everyday look.

67. Textured Styles

These textured looks are interesting styles and they make for a bold style.

68. Shiny Pink

Pink is always going to be a popular style and this is what it looks like with some extra sparkle.

69. Special White

Really, you could wear this white style anywhere, but it would also be the perfect bridal look for you as well.

70. Silver Chrome

If you like the chrome styles, then you really can’t go wrong with silver.

71. Bold Colors

There are warm and cool colors here that create a cool tribal design.

72. Beautiful Styles

Another glamorous look that you can show off at your next party.

73. Dark Black

Could you find a darker shade than this one? Probably not.

74. White Sparkles

A stunning look that anyone would love. Try it out and we are sure you would love it.

75. Embossed Styles

These are very unusual styles, but if you like edgy looks, then you are sure to love these embossed stiletto nails.


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