Top 30 Creative Nail Designs With Lines (Short And Long)

Top 30 Creative Nail Designs With Lines (Short And Long)

Thinking about adding some cool lines to your manicure? Why not give it a go with nails with lines? These can be anything and everything that you want them to be and that you imagine! Lines are a form of artwork that a lot of people fancy. Keep on reading as we bring you some of the coolest options for any event or nail length!


1. What Is A Nail Manicure With Lines?

Nails with lines and unique cool prints are anything that you imagine and want them to be. These can be monochrome and solid nail polish base with some simple or complex line work on top. These nails are usually very playful and cute while being mostly worn by younger women or teens who like to crave looks and get noticed easily.

2. How Pricey Are These Nails?

You won’t let a lot for this manicure in most cases and in most nail salons. Usually, nail artwork with simple lines and the use of nail polish will go for $30. If you want to try out a gel manicure, you’re looking at $50. Long and artificial nails such as acrylics will go for $80.

3. How To Do This Manicure?

You can achieve this manicure on your own and without hitting the salon. In fact, all you need are some basic tools and common nail equipment, such as a nail primer, nail file, and a buffer, your favorite polish color, a different color for the lines, and a topcoat.

Step 1: cut and file your nails to your preferred length. Make sure that you have no nail polish on top and work with a clean base.
Step 2: add a base coat and prime your nail plate for your nail polish. Let it dry down within a couple of minutes.
Step 3: place your favorite polish on top. Use two coats to get the pigment you want and desire.
Step 4: draw the lines on top to get the design that you wish for. You can go for criss-cross, dotted, or one simple line artwork. Use a thin brush to get the best precision.
Step 5: set your design with your favorite top coat. Enjoy the shine and buff out the nails to fix up any errors.

Short Nails Design With Lines


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