Show Your Romantic Side With 20 Eye-Popping Rose Tattoo Ideas

Show Your Romantic Side With 20 Eye-Popping Rose Tattoo Ideas

Red rose tattoos: a classic design that is never obsolete. People are attracted to roses by their burning red beauty. Countless artists associate them with the feeling of affectionate love and romantic stories. For this reason, many choose this symbol as their tattoos represent the owner’s personality and maxim.

The Rose in Myths & Legends

Long before the existence of romantic poems and love stories, roses appeared in many legends and myths. It is said that Goddess Venus adored Adonis. One time, she heard there was a scheme where Adonis was going to be killed. Goddess Venus rushed to her beloved with no hesitation. As she was running, she accidentally cut her feet on the thorns of white rose bushes along the path. For this reason, roses were dyed red. Another alternative story claims that this situation actually happened between Aphrodite and Adonis. Sadly, Adonis’ life really ended. As his blood dropped to the ground, red roses appeared.

The Meaning of Red Roses

These beautiful legends, irresistible aroma, and gorgeous beauty are what connect roses with the meaning of love and passion as we know it today.

Roses have become so internationally popular that nearly every single human on Earth knows the meaning associated with them. Red roses represent the endless passion for one’s lover. If you give your other half roses, it means that you vow to be with him/her through thick and thin. Hence, red roses can be decent tattoos indicating love shared by two lovebirds.



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