Instructions And Inspiration: 33 Stunning Coffin Nails For Ladies This Year

Instructions And Inspiration: 33 Stunning Coffin Nails For Ladies This Year

If you’re looking for something different the next time you get your nails done, consider coffin nails. They are the nail shape that is inspired by a coffin. You might think that’s morbid, but with its emerging popularity, you might want to get in on this trend as soon as possible.

Because they resemble ballet shoes when worn, these nails have also been dubbed “ballerina” nails. You might think this is a new trend, but coffin nails were extremely popular in the 1990s and have only recently resurfaced. If you want these nails, you are going to have to grow them really long. Stubby little coffins are not permitted. There are many ways in which you can create these nails and we have a ton of options for you. Check out our comprehensive guide to shaping coffin nails as well as these 33 inspiring ideas to try this year.

Clean Your Cuticles And Tips

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My sage and magenta butterfly design with fluid art decals and stamping for this month?s Butterfly collab. I used so many polishes I forgot which ones. I love this color combo, I jumped right on getting it done nearly a month ago. I do know I used a DIY fluid art polish. I?m telling you the Garnier Fruitis Sleek & Shine hair serum is a great way to try out making your own fluid art polishes. A few indies do make them and tbh they are better quality IMO, but this works in a bind or if you need to make a specific color you don?t have on hand. I usually use a cheap polish from Sally Hansen or Poparazzi (the CVS brand) to make it.
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