Daily Charm: Over 57 Designs for Perfect Pink Nails

Daily Charm: Over 57 Designs for Perfect Pink Nails

Pink nails are so pleasing to the eye! And it’s not only our opinion. Pinks are considered to add some glam to your overall look. Any fashion expert will agree with this statement. And we cannot argue with the canons of beauty. To show our respect to fashion, we have created a photo gallery full of adorable pink mani ideas.

FAQ: Pink Nails

Why do pink and white nails cost more?

Pink and white nail designs require more skills, more work and additional tools. They usually require your nail technician to have a higher level of professionalism and more time, so they charge more.

How often should you get pink and white nails filled?

Depending on the growth rate of the nails, they need “padding” at least every 14 days to maintain the pink and white designs. Acrylic powder is brushed into the area of new growth. It fills the space between the nail bed and the original acrylic, which creates a glossy look.


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