97 Inspiring Coffin Nail Ideas to Try This Year

97 Inspiring Coffin Nail Ideas to Try This Year

If you are looking for something different the next time that you get your nails done, then why not think of coffin nails. They are the nail shape that takes its inspiration from a coffin. You might think that’s a bit morbid, but with Halloween coming up you might want to jump on this trendy as quickly as possible.

These nails have also been referred to as “ballerina” nails because they resemble ballet shoes when worn. You may think that this is a new trend, but coffin nails were super popular in the 90’s and had just resurfaced again. If you want these nails, you are going to have to grow them really long. You can’t have stubby little coffins. There are many ways in which you can create these nails and we have a ton of options for you. Check out these 97 Inspiring Coffin Nail Ideas to Try This Year:

How To Create Them:

We are always big fans of treating yourself and going to a salon but if you want to try these at home, then follow these simple steps provided by Today!

“File the nail into an almond shape, rounding the tops like you would for a standard oval shape. Then, file the sides more narrowly until the tip resembles a pointed end. File the tip straight across horizontally until it becomes a blunt, perpendicular end. (Almost like a square tip on an otherwise pointy nail.)”

  1. Different Colors

Why do one shade when you can do a lot of shades and add some sparkle!

coffin nails

2. Pop Culture

A great style like this requires some amazing nail art. The palm tree and those lips are incredible.

3. Subtle Style

This style isn’t over the top and flashy. The colors are simple and the sparkles just give it a little pop.

4. Touch of Glitter

This is another subtle look that has a punch of sparkle to it.

5. Gem Stones

A muted shade that just has one nail with a pop.

6. Interesting Designs

This style is sure to steal the show. You have unique colors as well as intricate designs.

7. Bold Jewels

We have muted shades, but they still burst because it’s hot pink. The gems are large and in charge of this look.

8. Cool Sparkles

You are going to discover a whole new love of purple with this style.

9. Neutral Tones

You may think that neutral tones are boring, but they aren’t when you give one nail some serious bling.

10. Sweet Sparkles

This is a style that has subtle sparkles; it’s just enough to give your look a glow.

11. High Designs

Nails with gems like these really stand out, but they can also take getting used to.

“Pro tip: Always file from the outside corner toward the center to prevent splitting.”

12. Cool Triangles

Another great look that has designs that are really eye-catching.

13. Sparkle Tips

These sparkles are everything you need in a cool new style.

14. Elaborate Designs

Unless you’re really good at doing your nails, styles like these should be done in a salon. We love that every nail is different in creating this style.

15. Pastel Shades

This is a vintage style with some pastel shades.

16. Bold Elements

A great style like this is all you need for your next event.

17. Unique Fashions

We see that triangle fashion here again and it looks pretty cool.

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18. Hot Sparkles

This is what you get when you add hot pink and sparkles together.

19. Black and White

If color is not your thing, then try out this black and white style. The sparkles really make the look stand out.

When it comes to having coffin nails, you need to grow long and healthy nails. That can be easier said than done when we are dealing with shipping, breaking and peeling.

Tips For Growing Long Nails

Hydrate Your Cuticles: 

You might not realize that it’s just as important to have healthy cuticles as it is to have healthy nails. North Carolina dermatologist and nail specialist Chris G. Adigun says, “The main habit to break is picking, trimming, or manipulating your cuticles in any way.”

Chanel celebrity manicurist Ashlie Johnson states, “Nail growth starts in the area called the matrix—it’s right below your cuticle line and very important for keeping the nail healthy and hydrated.”

Lastly, manicurist Deborah Lippmann says, “Your cuticles are the last line of defense, acting as a shield blocking the spread of bacteria from moving in on the nail,” Lippmann explains. “Cutting them can potentially irritate or infect the nail.”

20. Cute Colors

This style is a little more simple than the others.

21. Pretty Greens

If green is your color of choice, then you can’t go wrong with these amazing shades.

22. Fun Styles

Pink is always a popular color and you can’t go wrong with sparkles.

23. Flashy Jewels

Some people just love these jewels because they are flashy. If you haven’t wore them before, it can be hard to get used to them at first.

24. Touch of Bling

There is a whole lot of bling involved in a style like this one.

25. Pastel Styling

If you like simple look, then you can’t go wrong with these looks.

26. Bright Blue

This shade is sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

27. Pretty Pale

A great shade like this is exactly what you need for your next wedding.

28. Cuticle Sparkles

Not only does she have sparkles on her nails but they are also along her cuticle line.

29. Marble Shades

This is a unique and beautiful style that anyone would love.

Tip: Skip The Hardener

You might think that it makes sense to put nail hardener on your nails to help them grow longer, but you could actually end up causing your nails more damage. “They often cause nails to become so hard that they crack and break more easily,” Dr. Adigun explains.

30. Cool Designs

A great style like this is exactly what you need to shine.

31. Bright Purple

You are sure to draw the eye with these bright purple nails. Talk about bold colors and gems.

32. Shiny Styles

These chrome colors are sure to get you some attention.

33. Dripping Nails

These golden lips are one of the best styles that we have seen out there. The “dripping” look is truly a cool one.

34. Symbols

There is a lot going on with these nails and it’s hard to just focus on one thing. Many people would consider this style to be too “busy.” Maybe choose one as a focal nail and make the rest solid colors.

35. Sparkle Blue

We love the little beads that are on these blue nails.

36. Ombre Styles

The ombre style is still as popular as ever. Try it out for yourself!

37. Another simple ombre design that has some jewels added to it.

38. Marble Looks

A great marble look that also has solid colors.

39. Bold Designing

Those bold and gold sparkles are the best part of this design.

40. Pink and Dotted

Black and pink always go so well together and we can’t help but love these cool designs.

41. Lace Designs

These precious styles are all about the sweet look.

42. Cool Styling

Another great design that you are sure to love.

43. Opaque Designs

If you like mesmerizing designs, then this is the one for you.

44. Bold Squares

This is a great design that has some mesmerizing shapes to it.

45. Sweet Rose

A simple rose like this is all you need to make a simple look pop.

46. Sparkle Love

Another special style that has a whole lot of sparkle.

47. Solid Colors

There is really something to be said about just keeping your style simple. This is just a solid color and yet it has a huge impact. Don’t underestimate the power of solid colors.

48. Wonderful Styles

A simple style like this has a lot of cool elements.

49. Shimmering Blue

This would be the perfect shade for the upcoming winter months. It’s so icy that it takes our breath away.

50. Bold Gold

If you need a style that’s going to draw a crowd, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

51. Cool Designing

A bold and attracted design that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Tips: Moisture More

In order to maintain nail health, you need to moisture, dry hands are no good for nails. “Women don’t think that their nails and hands need to be treated like the skin on their face,” Lippmann says. “It wouldn’t occur to most women to wash their face and not apply a moisturizer, but they wash their hands over and over and don’t apply lotion.”

It’s the greasier lotions that feel like they have Vaseline in them that are the best because they lock in moisture. If you don’t like the feeling during the day, then moisturize at night.

52. Lip Designs

As you can see these lip designs are pretty popular and that’s because they look so darn cool.

53. Galaxy Designs

These nails look like something you would see in the galaxy.

54. Cool Elements

It’s pretty common to get nails done with a different design on each one. We prefer these ones that have more solid colors, so it breaks up the designs.

55. Cool and Matte

Matte colors can be just as awesome as the shiny ones.

56. Bold and Bright

There are a ton of great colors that we see here and these brighter ones are truly one of a kind.

57. White Designs

Another awesome style that we can’t help but love.

58. Matching Shades

A great style choice is to match your nail polish to your lipstick shade.

59. Pale Designs

The colors here are very pale, but they are breathtaking.

60. Coffin Colors

This is a great design that shows off the coffin shape of the nail.

61. Pretty Coloring

You can do the contrasting shades of light and dark with this style.

62. Sweet Styles

This is amazing work and it could be practically considered to be artwork. We just love the drawings of the eyes.

63. Marble Designs

This is a pretty traditional marble look but still a popular one.

64. Amazing Designs

These are some pretty cool design and you will look forward to showing them off to all of your friends.

65. Stunning Designs

A bold look like this is sure to draw the eye.

66. Sweet Styling

Another great look that is lovely and eye-catching.

67. Bright Designs

Imagine how pretty this will look out in the light. It’s sure to make you the center of attention wherever you go.

68. Simply Pretty

Pastel shades are always great choices to try out at any time of the year.

69. Black and Gold

If you like glamourous styles, then you must try a black and gold combination. It works every time.

Tip: File Your Nails Strategically

Make sure your nails are filed to a length that is functional to your everyday life. If you want coffin nails, they do have to be long but just don’t overdo It’s more important to make sure you are filing them correctly. “Shaping your nails may seem like a mindless activity, but it can actually weaken and break your nails if executed improperly,” Lippmann explains. It’s also best to hold the nail file underneath your nail. “This prevents over-filing by allowing you to see exactly what you are doing,” she says.

70. Glimmering Styles

We love glittering golds like this one.

71. Floral Elements

These flowers stick on and they may overpower your style.

72. Cool Accessories

There are a ton of different options for what you can put on your nails.

73. Popping Pink

You will love this style because the sparkles just make the whole look stand out.

74. Neutral Sparkles

If you like the neutral looks, you can make them pop by adding sparkles.

75. Cool Coffins

There are so many great design options here that it’s hard to choose just one.

76. Bold Looks

A fun look like this is all you need for your next event.

77. Bright Gems

These bright gems are as bright as the sun and they sparkle as well.

78. Awesome Nails

Be creative in the nail designs that you choose for your special style.

79. Dark and Light

Contrasting shades is a great way to make your look pop.

80. Triangle Designs

Simple colors and simple shapes are all you need to create a great design.

81. Black As Night

You can add a whole lot of mystery to your evening with a style like this one.

Tip: Always Wear A Base Coat

If you are too busy to go out and get regular manicures, you can save your nails from breaking by having on a base coat. “It’s packed with ceramides and peptides to fortify nails and promote growth,” says Dr. Adigun.

82. Muted Greys

A simple matte color with some bling.

83. Bold Gems

A great style like this is sure to have people complimenting you all night.

84. Cool Kitties

If you love Hello Kitty, then you are sure to love this style. The added purple just makes the whole look pop.

85. Black Designs

If dark colors are what you are looking for, then you should totally try this cool design on for size.

86. Stunning Royals

This royal shade is sure to make you feel special when you go to your next event.

87. Pretty Flowers

These flowers are painted on which may be a little more practical for you.

88. Fun Gems

A great style that has some pretty amazing elements to it. The gems will be sparkling everytime that you go out in the sun.

89. Bow Ties

A style as simple and cute as this one is perfect for brunch, or a day of shopping.

90. Bold Colors

The colors here are bright and stunning. You are sure to steal the show with a design like this one.

Tip: Have A Balanced Diet

We bet that you didn’t know that your diet could affect the health of your nails, but it does.

Dr. Adigun says, “upping your intake of protein (get it from pork, broccoli, and lentils), biotin (eggs, salmon, peanuts), zinc (green beans, shellfish, cashews) and iron (beef, spinach, kale) for better nails.”

91. Stylish Sparkles

A great style like this will have you feeling amazing when you go out.

92. Soft Designs

A softer look with just a little bling.

93. Glamor Designs

Another great design that has a whole lot of sparkle to it.

Tip: Use Supplements

Vitamins and supplements are other items that you should incorporate in your life for healthy nails. “Nails tend to show the first signs of a vitamin deficiency,” explains Johnson.

94. Elegant Styles

This is another cool look that you could use for work and play.

95. Sparkle Lines

Who doesn’t love a good dose of sparkle wherever they go?

96. Feather Designs

These feather designs are so pretty that you are going to want to keep them forever.

97. Stunning Shine

We are big fans of these beautiful colors and all the bling.


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