90 Photos: Best Gel Nails That Will Have You Running to The Salon

90 Photos: Best Gel Nails That Will Have You Running to The Salon

If you are looking for a new way of doing your nails, then you might want to look at gel nails. They are growing in popularity and are a fresh new way of doing your nails., You can have gel nails at home now that they sell the nail polish in retail. But if you are a fan of treating yourself at a salon, then we have some really good nail designs for you.

The reason why gel nails are so popular is that it’s a lot harder to chip gel nail and they won’t lift either. It can also be used as a base coat which will strengthen your nails. There are plenty of techniques and tips that you can use to have the best nails possible.

You may think that gel nails are the same as acrylic nails, but you would be wrong. Gel nails usually have to be cured whereas acrylic nails don’t. If you are going to a salon, they will likely use a polymer and monomer combination and then place your nails under UV lighting to cure them.

Check out these 110 Awesome Gel Nails That Will Have You Running to The Salon:

  1. Special Hearts

This is a really sweet style that you will want to try right away.

gel nails

2. Pretty Looks

Whether it’s pink or blue, you are going to rock this style this year.

3. Bold Pink

We love how the pink pops from the rest of the style.

4. Animal Prints

This is a stunning style that has some zebras and wild cat prints that really stand out. You are going to love a style like this one.

5. Fruit Slices

These are adorable and they are sure to put a smile on your face everytime that you see it.

6. Floral Designs

We love the gorgeous blue with the pretty flowers on top.

7. Sparkle Designs

We love the shine here that is made better with some awesome sparkles.

8. Dark Designs

If dark is the way to go, then this would be a great look for you.

9. Cool Gems

We love the black shine here and the gems that make the whole look pop.

10. Cool Designs

These bold colors are subtle, but they have their own impact. We love it.

11. Short and Sweet

You don’t always see designs on short nails, but if you prefer your nails to be short, then this is a great design for you.

Tips For Beautiful Nails

Exfoliate your nails regularly to have them be at their best health. “I believe nails need to be exfoliated on a regular basis to maintain their strength and health,” Deborah Lippmann says.

Get Regular Manicures

Take the opportunity to treat yourself by getting manicures. Then your nails would be at their healthiest. “Manicures remove the rough edges, dry cuticles, and hangnails we tend to pick at and get caught on things,” Johnson says. However, make sure the treatment is gentle. “Nails and cuticles are much more delicate than people realize.”

12. Stunning and Dark

We love these dark and mysterious nails because they are classy with a touch of sparkle.

13. Creative Designs

What a gorgeous style that is not only eye-catching but very elegant as well. If you love blue, then this is a look that we would suggest.

14. Basic Designs

A great style like this is perfect for everyday wear.

15. Pointy Styles

A great style that is elegant and unusual. We love the pointy shape, it really stands out.

16. Bold Colors

We love the bold orange and it’s the perfect shade for fall.

17. Sparkle Designs

A fun style like this is all about loving sparkle.

18. Bold Looks

We love this great style because there are so many flashy elements that you can’t help but stare at it.

19. Plaid Designs

You can give your plaid look more pizazz by adding sparkles. It makes a simple look almost magical.

20. Sparkle Ombre

We love the fact that the sparkle is placed over top of an ombre style and that makes it look even better.

One issue that people find is trying to get their gel nails to last as long as possible. There are some tips we can share with you to allow you to keep your look for longer.

Hydrate Every Day

Skye McIntyre, CND’s Education Ambassador, says, “I recommend using oil at least once a day – preferably at night before bed – and sealing it in with a good conditioning hand moisturizer. This will keep the nails and cuticles hydrated, along with drinking plenty of water.”

It’s even more important if you happen to suffer from flaky nails. Manicurist Bernadette Leva states that flaky nails are a problem because “as your nails flake, the polish comes off with it. Applying cuticle oil daily minimizes flaking.” It’s a good idea to get some good cuticle oil.

21. Cool Embossed Styles

These stunning nails are sure to steal the show wherever you go.

22. Cool Colors

A splash of sparkle is all you need to brighten your day.

23. Bold Blues

If blue is the color that you crave, then you are sure to want to try either of these amazing styles. Whether it’s basic blue or blue with a design, they are both great choices.

24. Designs Galore

There are so many great designs here that it’s really hard to choose just one. We love the animal portrait one though, it’s pretty fantastic.

25. Touch os Silver

The touch of silver almost looks like tinfoil. It’s a cool look that anyone would love. The silver really stands out against the basic white.

26. Cool Skulls

At first glance, you would think that this is a pretty basic style, but you would be wrong. The skull design here is really one of a kind.

27. Red Lines

Red and white are very common color choices and we love the red lines, it really makes the look stand out. Christmas is just around the corner and this would be great for a holiday style.

28. Glittering Black

You can easily make a black look pop just by adding sparkles.

29. Bold and Pointy

These pointy styles are sure to catch the eye.

30. Cool Looks

Nail arts is always great because the choices are vast when it comes to what you can get.

Tips: Protect Your Nails

You might not think anything of washing dishes with gel nails but the chemicals involved could start breaking down your style. The experts say it’s always best to use gloves. McIntyre explains, “Remember always to use gloves when washing up or cleaning, as over-exposure to chemicals can lead to product breakdown.”

31. Different Sides

We love how this style has one color on one side and sparkles on the other.

32. Pale Blue

This special design is great for blue lovers, try it out for yourself.

33. Zebra Prints

Zebra prints are always popular because they are considered to be flashy and sexy. Show your animalistic side with this cool look.

34. Chunky Syles

You won’t actually feel the chunks on this style, they will be underneath a layer of gel.

35. Stunning Sparkles

It would be really hard to get a style like this one at home unless you really have some skills. That’s why going to the salon is great.

36. Painted Styles

A stunning style that is eye-catching and bold. Why wouldn’t you want a cool style like this, it’s so unique.

37. Coffin Nails

The shape of the nail was named because it looked like a coffin. It’s got a ton of different designs that you can choose from.

38. Fun Looks

Try a few different designs out to see how you like them.

39. Bold Color Choices

Color can be everything when it comes to a new gel style.

40. Simple Colors

You don’t have to go bright to have a cool palette of colors.

41. Cool Designs

Who wouldn’t want to try any of these amazing designs? They are all so cool.

42. Different Sparkles

These are great colors and they all have sparkles to them.

Tip: Don’t Pick At Your Nails

It’s not hard to understand that picking at your nails is going to cause them to chip, but you may not be aware that picking them will also compromise the health of your nails. “The more you pick the polish off, the thinner your nails will become,” says Leva.

43. Unique Styles

These cool designs are sure to make anyone happy.

44. Pointed and Textured

These points alone are sure to draw the eye. But the nails are also bright blue and textured. It’s a very different look for someone looking for an edgy style.

45. Pale Styles

This pale look has some edge to it because of the gems.

46. Speckled Styles

This would be a fun look to take to your next party. Try it out for yourself to see how many compliments you will get.

47. Cool New Looks

A great style like this is sure to make you popular at your next party. Everyone will be asking where you got your nails done.

48. Interesting Looks

A great style like this is sure to put a smile on your face.

49. Dotted Style

We love this fun style, it’s trendy and unique. We love the dots, they are adorable.

50. Butterfly Style

You won’t find a more beautiful style than this butterfly look. It’s amazing for a lot of reasons but most especially the colors. It’s an incredible design.

51. Black and Gold

We love these black and gold styles, they are so mysterious.

52. Natural Looks

This is a very subtle look and one that you are sure to love.

53. French Silver

A great design that is in the French manicure look with a ton of sparkle.

54. Cool Lines

These cool lines are all you need to have a classic look.

Tips: Avoid Cutting or Filing Them

You might be tempted to cut or file your nails in between salon visits, but it’s best not to. McIntyre stresses that it’s not a great idea to trim or file your nails, as “you will break the seal of the gel polish which will result in lifting, peeling and splitting at the free edge. It is best you avoid doing this at all costs.”

55. Fun Flowers

These floral designs are clear with a flower on top.

56. Shiny Pastels

These soft colors are truly unique and can be worn anywhere.

57. Stunning Sparkles

A cool style that has some bold sparkles that are in large areas.

58. Fun and Unique

These ombre nails are super unique and awesome. We love all the sparkles.

59. Cool Styling

This could easily be a bridal style and one that you would love.

Tips: Try to Prevent Lifting

Leva explains, “If the polish adheres to the cuticle when painted, as the nail grows it creates an edge that is lifted, which catches on everything.”

So, how do you avoid lifting? “To prevent gel from lifting at the base, ensure that you are going to a skilled manicurist. If you’re doing it from home, prep your nails with a ‘waterless’ manicure, making sure cuticles are neat and the nail plate is squeaky clean and oil-free. When it comes to painting, paint as close to the cuticle as possible without hitting it.”

So, what happens if your gel nails do start to lift. Leva says, “Lightly buff the lifted edge and apply a clear top coat. This takes away that lifted edge that you want to pick at.”

60. Soft and Pretty

Boy, do we ever love that gold sparkle. It really makes the whole look pop.

61. Intricate Designs

These designs are small but beautiful. If you want something awesome, then try this style out.

62. Bold Sparkles

Another great style that is bold and sparkly.

63. Bold Lines

We love all these cool designs and the one very unique sparkle nail.

64. Pearl Designs

This is a style that you might have to get used to, but it sure looks nice.

65. Fun Hot Styles

This style is sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

66. Sweet Styles

A great style has some awesome floral elements all over it.

67. Golden Sparkles

A bold look that is golden and inspiring.

68. Fun and Sparkly

There are sparkles and gems with this look.

69. Creative Designs

These three styles are seriously awesome and you won’t regret trying any of them out.

70. Cool Black

We love the shiny circles on top of the matte finish. It’s a very good look.

71. Grey Looks

A great color with some amazing sparkles.

72. Bold Gems

This is a great style that has some bold gems.

73. Sweet Dots

Another great style that is as sweet as pie.

74. Blue Designs

The white polish is amazing and the blue gems really pop out of the style.

75. Vacation Looks

We can’t help but love these cartoon images. The colors, the designs and everything involved here makes the style perfect.

76. Classic Looks

Stripes and sparkles look amazing together.

77. Halloween Styles

We love these amazing designs, not only are they bright and colorful but the designs are adorable.

78. Fun Gem Styles

We are loving these gem dots, try them out.

79. Bold Purples

A stunning color is all you need for a cool party look.

80. Subtle Ombre

It’s ombre, but it’s a very light color. You will love it.

81. Cool Prints

Prints are always going to be popular and these colors are dark and mysterious.

82. Amazing Gold

We love the gold and it’s really shiny in this style.

83. Fun Diagonal Lines

A great style that has some bold colors and lines.

84. Awesome Shades

Red and gold are perfect for the holiday season. Try it out and see how much you love them.

85. Stunning Butterflies

You must run to the salon immediately and get this amazing style. You will love it.

86. Amazing and Fresh

We love these amazing blue nails, they are so eye-catching.

87. Pointy Yellow

Yellow and black is always a great combination. We love these pointy nails.

88. Gorgeous Looks

A fun style like this has black and white together which is the perfect union.

89. Bolder Blues

A great style that has some bold colors and an amazing sparkle.

90. Pretty Sparkles

A great coffin design that has some amazing sparkle to it.

Tip: Don’t Use Your Nails As Tools

How often do you find yourself using your nails as tools like opening up a can or playing with tape? Your gel nails will last longer if you stop doing this. “Use a tool to help you! With or without gel these actions can easily break your nails,” says Leva. If that wasn’t clear enough, McIntyre has some solid advice, “Nails are jewels NOT tools!”

91. Bold and Sparkly

A great white look is perfect for some silver sparkles.

92. Midnight Blue

This is a mysterious blue color and that’s the best part. It’s a great look that anyone would love this Fall.

93. Swirling Lines

These lines are really pretty and it’s a simple look that you can wear anywhere.

94. Golden Lines

Golden lines go well with golden sparkles. It’s a great look that you are sure to love.

95. Sparkling Coffins

Another bold look that is sure to get you plenty of compliments.

96. Skull Designs

We love this dark design that is full of cool skull designs. We love these bold colors as well.

97. Pretty Hearts

These hearts are truly awesome, try this style out this year.

98. Large Gems

These gems are huge and it’s a style that you have to get used to.

99. Fun Eyes

These are cool cartoon images that are playful and flirty.

100. Camo Designs

If you are a fan of camo, then you are sure to love a style like this one.

101. Green Marble

This is a very simple design, but it’s a classic one.

102. Midnight Shades

This deep purple is the perfect shade for an evening style.

103. Dark Designs

A stunning style like this is dark and dangerous. We love this look for Fall.

104. Gold and Sparkle

A bold style like this is perfect for the holiday season. Try it out this year.

105. Fun and Flirty

If you need a fun new look, try this flirty pink style.

106. Vampy Looks

This look would be perfect for Halloween or even a night out on the town. This deep color is incredibly beautiful.

107. Pretty Pink

A fun style like this has subtle but beautiful shades.

108. Different Sparkles

There are a few different ways to embrace sparkles and these are two very great choices. We love hos the blue sparkle is underneath the stripes. It’s a very cool look.

109. Round Styles

A fun style like this is round in all areas and they are a lot of fun.

110. Bold and Pretty

We love these colors and this is a look you can wear them all the time.


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