50 PHOTOS: Eye-catching Diamond Nail Design Ideas for the Holidays

50 PHOTOS: Eye-catching Diamond Nail Design Ideas for the Holidays

People always talk about how a purse or pair of shoes is the most important accessory in a woman’s life, but true accessorization lies at your fingertips, which can be tastefully adorned using a nail design with diamonds. Nails with diamonds are the perfect way to show off your style without being obnoxiously showy with an expensive bag or noisy heels. Self-care is the most important part of any beauty routine and there’s no better way to convey the message that you take care of yourself than with diamond nails. These fifty sparkly and classy nail decoration ideas will keep you looking high maintenance during the holidays!

The idea of a nail design with diamonds may seem complicated or expensive, but these are mere fallacies of people who haven’t tried. Although the option of sticking real diamonds on your nails is available, there are plenty of cheaper options too. For example, faux diamond and other jewel stickers can easily be bought online and shipped right to you for convenience. When you go to a typical nail salon, chances are that they’ll be using the same, affordable stickers. In high-end salons, they do provide you with the option of using real gemstones at a higher cost.

Diamond nails have been increasingly growing in popularity due to the classy shine and sparkle that they add to basic nail designs. You can opt to go all out and coat entire nails in diamond stickers or go for a simpler accent look. Customization options are endless with these stickers. Don’t feel limited to a single color, shape or size of diamond either because variety can contribute create different looks. Most simple designs can be done on your own, while complex ones may require a visit to a technician to ensure best results. Check out some ideas below!


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