50 Beautiful Nail Art Designs & Ideas

50 Beautiful Nail Art Designs & Ideas

Nails have for long been a vital measurement of beauty and style. With a little polish and heaps of creative energy, you can make your nails look extremely wonderful and eye-catching. If you wish to be a glam queen, select any “cutsies” from these beautiful nail art designs and feel like there isn’t a spirit as colorful like you!

Beautiful-Black-New-Year-Nail-Art1. Two-tone nail art designs

Two tone nail art

A two-toned nail art design is one of the easiest nail art designs that can be done at home without any hassle and looks super stylish. All you need is two different nail paints and tape. Et voila you get beautiful two-toned nails at home.

2. Marbled effect 

Water marble nail art

Though the marbled effect is a tricky one to do without help, with a little practice you can master the technique and have a marvelous marbled nail effect.

3. Polka dots

polka-dot-nail-design polka dot nails polka dot nail art

Polka dots are timeless classics whether on clothes, shoes, or nails. This is the most popular nail art design for day wear as well as evening parties.

4. French manicure

french manicure

French manicure is always the safest bet while playing around with nails. Well, girls, it’s time to get creative and ditch the basic French manicure. French manicure in contrast colors or with a tinge of glitter can add to your style.

5. Matte manicure

black matte manicures

What about some matte nail paint this season, or matte manicure? Matte nails have an exceptional quality to make everyone fall for it in one look. This is a perfect alternative for glossy and flashy nails.

6. Floral Stamped Nail Arts

Floral Stamping Patterns Over Turquoise Glitter Nails

Floral Stamped Nail Arts

Why not add some spring flavor to your nails with cute floral designs. I bet your hands will blossom with show-stopping floral stamped nails. Whether you want to keep it simple or intricate, floral patterns will sure make your nails pop.

7. The sunset effect

sunset nail art design sunset effect nail art

What about adding a little fire to your talons with a sunset effect in fiery red, orange and yellow? If you are daring, you can definitely go for this bold nail art design and be the center of attraction.

8. Splatter nails

splatter nails

Show off your artistic skills with unique splatter nail design. Splatter nails look really chic and trendy.

9. Cherry nails

very cherry nails

Cherry nails look really cute and perfectly match summer outfits. These ‘cutsies’ look really elegant and appealing. Young girls can really flaunt these cherry nails and look stylish.

10. Leopard print

animal print

If you wish to look like a diva, Leopard nails look both bold and beautiful. Leopard prints are classics and you can never get enough of them. Choose some interesting colors and shine out with an outstanding Leopard print nail art design.

11. Bridal nail arts

bejeweled nails

Designer nails help prettify your outfit and personality. Bridal nail art designs will enhance your bridal beauty. Beads, stones or glitter there are numerous options to choose from and look extraordinary.

12. Tribal nail art

tribal nail art

Tribal manis will make you fall head over heels with their eye-catching, any-color-goes palette and a mix of wild patterns. Some geometric inspiration and bright nail paints can help you get show stopping tribal nails and a trendy look.

13. Rainbow nails

rainbow nails

How about trying all major colors in a single nail art design? Rainbow nails with bright hues look splendid so add some colors to your nails and look chic and trendy.

14. Classic stripes


Parallel lines and vibrant colors always draw woman’s attention. Stripes are the easiest way to blend simplicity and style. You can never go wrong with these as they look trendy in every season and are really easy to do at home.

15. Glittery nails

3D-Nail Art Charm

If you are ready to look glitzy and edgy glittery nails are made for you. Glitter is known to add glamor to the overall look. Glittery nails can make you look like a total glam queen and make everyone fawn over your incredibly good looking nails.

16. Pastel burst

Pastel Nail art

Pastel colors are really trendy and will surely set you in a spring mode. Pastel pinks, pastel purples, and smoky pastel colors will surely make any girl fall for them at first sight.

17. Neon nails

neon nails

Electric neon nail color makes a statement like no other. Neon colors are bold, fun and flirty that can add flavor to your overall look. So go carefree and bold this season. Go neon!

18. Braided nails

Nail art braided Braided Nails

The fishtail braid is a very popular nail art design this season. Braided nails look complicated but totally wow-ing.

19. Sponged ombre nails

ombre design

You must have noticed the ombre trend everywhere this season, and yes it caught on to nails too. Sponged ombre nails are the best option if you want to look festive but not too try-hard.

20. Bold shimmery nails

jeweled nails

For a look that is just as wild and bold as your independent spirit, you can go for bold shimmery nails. So deck up your nails with shimmer and look bold and beautiful.

21. Spiky red and black talons

red and black nail art design

Black and red are both classics and become a lethal combination together. It’s like you have a party going on right at your nails. Spiky red and black talons are to die for, don’t you think?

22. Jewel-encrusted nails

Nail Art Designs jewel encrusted

All trend setting glam queens can swear by jewel-encrusted nails and be the center of attraction at parties. Take some sequins, rhinestones, pearls, glitter and heavy- duty nail glue to embellish your hands with an eye catching nail art.

23. Segmented nail art

segmented nail art design

segmented nail art

Color blocking with different colors can bring out an incredible and unique nail art design. Segmented nail art is fun; you can make the same pattern on all nails or rearrange colors to get a similar effect.

24. Speckled nail art


You can turn your nails into a chic work of art using a toothbrush. Yes, it’s that easy… all you need is your favorite nail paints and a toothbrush to get funky speckled nails.

25. Geometric nail art

geometric nail art design

You can play with different geometric figures and get chicer, subtler and really cool nails. Feel free to experiment and get creative with squares, triangles, and circles.

26. Black on black nail art


Nothing screams classy and sexy as black. This single color goes with a wide variety of outfits and fits several events so you can never go wrong with this oh-so-effective black on black mani on your nails.

27. Metallic nails

metallic nail paint

Dial up the drama with metallic nail paint this season. Not only metallic talons look shiny and shimmery but also classy and eye-catching. Even the lazy ladies can look stunning without much effort with metallic nail paint.

28. 3d nail art

3d nail art

3D nail art designs are the talk of the town these days with a wide variety of nail art designs from simple and sophisticated to vibrant and zany. 3D nail art can add stars to your look and make you stand out in the crowd.

29. Abstract nail art

abstract gold foiled nail art design abstract nail art

If you like edgy and bright nail designs, abstract manis can be a compelling option. It gives your nails a striking zing and truly stands out.

30. One nail with art

one nail with art

If you don’t have that time or patience to paint all your nails with beautiful nail art, you can go with one nail with art. Though done with lazy intentions, this style really looks elegant and eye-catching.

31. Watercolor nails

watercolor nails

Watercolor nails are a big craze these days and looks really impressive. Let your inner artist experiment with sunset-inspired neons, a monochromatic array of sky blues or dreamy pastels and get exquisite drool-worthy nails.

32. Perfect Valentine nails

valentine nail art

Classic red is an all time favorite for any occasion. Add some hearts to it, and you get the perfect Valentine’s Day nail art. But don’t stick to it for Valentine’s only, you can wear these whenever you like.

33. Bejeweled nails

bejweled nail art

Bejeweled nails are the perfect ornaments to adorn your hands. Though bling and shiny, bejeweled nails can look equally elegant and classy too. It imparts a rich look to your hands and overall appearance.

34. Aztec Print

aztec nail art design aztec nail art

Who could have thought that Aztec inspired prints on nails can look so insanely pretty? Aztec prints with tiny stripes and shapes are completely drool-worthy and eye-catching.

35. Foil nail art

foil nail art

A comparatively less common way to glam up the nails and add glitter to them, is foils. Foil nail art is bound to add glamor and charm to your appearance.

36. Checkerboard nails

split checkerboard nail art

Chess or checkerboard nails are really stylish and attractive. Make a statement by wearing this fashion forward checkerboard nails and steal the show.

37. Wavy pattern

wavy nail art

Wavy pattern on nails is yet another super stylish and attractive nail art design that everyone would love to try.

38. Sequined nails

fully sequinned nail art sequinned nail art

Do you think there’s any embellishment more perfect for a true diva than sequins? If you are ready for a walk on the wild side, paint all your nails with sequins and for a more subtle look you can go half and half with sequins or one nail with sequins is also a great option for a glamorous look.

39. Chevron stripes

Ombre chevron stripes

If you are bored with vertical and horizontal stripes, you can try something new with chevron stripes. It will give you a chic and stylish look perfect to be worn on any day.

40. Zebra nails

zebra nail art Zebra Nail manicure

Do you love animal prints? Apart from the popular leopard print, zebra print nails are also great for a modern ravishing look.

41. Newspaper nail art

newspaper nail art

With nail art becoming increasingly artistic and creative there are new ideas popping up every now and then to decorate the nails. Newspaper nail art is one innovative nail art design which looks extremely appealing and mod.

42. Lacy nail arts

Lacy nail art

From dolls to high fashion runway looks and now nails. Lace is an increasingly dominating trend even in nail art these days. Lacy nails look extremely sultry, edgy and inviting.

43. Half and half two-color manicure

nails-black-and-white half and half manicure

To give a new twist to the old and usual manicure try a simple half and half two color manicure. It’s simple and easy yet classy and appealing.

44. Half moons

half moons

Half moon manicure is the perfect option if you are looking for a chic, retro look for the nails. Girls with long oval nails will love this mani on their hands.

45. Anime nail art 

angry bird nail art

Anime inspired nails look childish yet stylish. Most of the anime nail arts feature graphics from cartoons or simple smileys and are extremely detailed. This new trend in nail art is worth a try.

46. Painterly prints 

painterly prints nail art

Art attack painterly prints are the chic and trendy way to style nails. Feel free to get creative with these art inspired nail arts and get an eye-catching look.

47. Fade-out nail art

fade out nails

Call it dip dye, ombre, gradient nail effect or fade-out effect; this nail art is totally drooling worthy. With a light color gradually blending with a darker shade of the same color. It looks extremely artistic and mesmerizing.

48. Punk nail art

punk nail art design punk nail art

Punk Style Hippie Nail Black Wave Pattern

Punk rock nail art is so apt to complete anarchy chic look. A bold punk nail art will get you all set for a mani rebellion.

49. Dot to Dot design

dot to dot nail art

A dot to dot design is similar to the polka dot design but has an entirely different flavor.

50. Monochrome nails


For girls who don’t like mixing too many colors but still want a unique and flattering nail art, “monochrome nails” is the best option. Black and white together look ultra chic and stylish.

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