20+ Hottest Pink Nail Designs Trending Right Now

20+ Hottest Pink Nail Designs Trending Right Now

Want special nails that make you stand out among your friends but pink nails aren’t your thing? Girls, listen up. Pink is a wonderful color. It can suit various styles. At any occasion I want a glamorous or cute nail set, pink nails are always the right choice. No matter where I plan to go, or what kinds of clothes I’m wearing, the versatility of pink nails always makes me feel confident.

There are many shades of pink and different styles of manicures. Getting pink nail designs doesn’t mean you’re wearing a set of bubblegum. It can be said that pink acts as the perfect base for a manicure although it’s not a neutral color – the color that we usually use as a base color for nail polish! If you need a sweet look, then ‘pink only’ is enough. On the contrary, to achieve a dynamic look, you should add some complementary or contrasting hues. What’s more, add some glitter accents, and you’ll have the makings of a bold, fashion-forward nail art design!

To inspire you, we’re glad to show you some of the perfect pink nail ideas we’ve ever seen. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and choose the most trendy designs!


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