162 Photos: Pink Nail Design Ideas for 2023

162 Photos: Pink Nail Design Ideas for 2023

Whenever I need a manicure that’s glamorous or one that’s flirty and cute, pink nails are a go-to. They automatically come to mind for their versatility, making me feel confident no matter how I plan to style my outfits for the days ahead.

Despite not being a neutral color, pink acts as the perfect base for a manicure, whether you’re wearing a solid pink design or playing around with complementary or contrasting hues and nail art to achieve a more dynamic look.

I immediately think back on the timeless style of Elle Woods from the 2001 film, Legally Blonde. Her love for pink inspires so many women to this day, and that includes the subtle pink nails she’d sometimes flaunt with her dazzling outfits.
And now, to inspire you even further, I’ve compiled some of the cutest pink nail designs I’ve ever seen that you definitely need to see too. French tips, jelly nails, chrome finishes, croc print, and so much more—they’re all here, in the round-up below.

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