132 IMAGES: Best Black And Silver Nails For Women

132 IMAGES: Best Black And Silver Nails For Women

Silver linings are special for a reason and by combining black and silver nails, you are sure to give off a striking vibe whether you’re in a board room meeting, going out for drinks with your new coworkers or having a Sunday brunch with friends.

Black and silver nails are a strong trend this year and it looks like you’ve been paying attention. There are so many ways to go about this sleek nail combo.

The first being a silver beaded princess nail which is highly simple yet adds a punch of color to a nearly all black nail bed. The second is a 3D glitter nail where you can add shimmer to your otherwise plain design. If you add beads, these beads will create an incredible three dimensional effect that creates a fun twist and is rarely done.

The third could be alternating matte black designs with using a skinny brush to create intricate designs that anybody will fall in love with! Next up we have Slytherin nails or for those of us who are not Harry Potter fans, snakeskin print nails. These are really fun to do and should have a triangular shape to resemble that of a snake.

The best part is you don’t need multiple colors just to make this effect. You can use matte and shine alternately to create a beautiful snakeskin effect that shows off snake scales except on your nails. Black nails can also be done in a simply classic format where you just paint every nail black, whether matte or shiny.

The options are endless and you’re sure to find something that you’ll love when it comes to classic black nails.


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