105 Photos: Multi Coloured Nails ~ New Trend and Best Designs

105 Photos: Multi Coloured Nails ~ New Trend and Best Designs

If a woman has beautiful hands and well-groomed nails, it is no less important than a stylish hairstyle and makeup. There are no only one direction or design among fashion nail trends. With modern tools and various design solutions, each girl can do manicure that perfectly matches her image, appearance, inner world and even occasion.

Classic manicure is a multiple nail colors on one hand. You can do multi colored nails for greater brightness and expressiveness. Even a strict business lady can use this option. Despite the fact that such nails look light and carefree,with successfully chosen outfit and accessories the manicure will be a wonderful addition. The most important condition is harmonious colors of polish, clothes and style. Such kind of manicure is a good way to express your own individuality and positive energy. Multicolored manicure became popular in 2022 and even now it’s still in fashion.

Appropriate Color Combination in Manicure

It is not enough to separate the nails with different colors. It is important to combine colors and textures correctly. Otherwise, the design will be vulgar but not stylish.

The most common design is two-color manicure. It seems that it is very simple, but with wrong shades, even if the most popular colors are chosen, the design will turn out to be funny but not fashionable.

Video Multi Colored Nails Trend

Children’s multi-colored manicure on nails with a pattern of daisies on a little girl with blond hair.Hello, summer!Nail art.

Multi-colored manicure on short nails on striped background. Striped design.Nail art.


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