84 Eye-Catching Chrome Nails You Will Love

84 Eye-Catching Chrome Nails You Will Love

If you are looking for an eye-catching style, then you can’t go wrong with these nails. Chrome nails are like looking in a mirror. The trend has been around for a while, so you would have seen it at some point unless of course, you have been living under a rock.

It’s a popular nail style because it is so eye-catching. It’s luxurious and beautiful but not only that, it’s not an expensive or complicated way to do your nails. All you use is polish and you can have a style that people will be complimenting you on wherever you go. If you love a dazzling style, then let us inspire you with dazzling choices. There a hundred ways or more to do these nails and we have tons of inspiration for you.

Check out these 84 Eye-Catching Chrome Nails You Will Love:

1. Pink Looks

How could we not love a pink look? It’s one of the most popular shades out there.

chrome nails

2. Luxurious Shades

You don’t get much more luxurious than gold and silver. These are eye-catching shades that you can wear all year long.

3. Pointed Nails

Pointed nails are already eye-catching enough, but add a little chrome and people will be staring at you all day.

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4. Black and Gold

If you like darker styles, then this would be a great look for you.

5. Glittering Styles

This stunning style has an incredible look to it. They are really long which is eye-catching enough but the shine will blow everyone away.

6. Iridescent Shades

This is a magical looking style that reminds us of unicorns and mermaids. If you like the standard pretty look, then this is it?

7. Bright Colors

This is another lovely color that is very popular in the summer.

8. Rain Drops

This is a really cool style because it looks like there are raindrops on the nails. This is a look that is sure to get you plenty of compliments.

9. Pretty Shades

This is another pretty shade that will draw the eye. It’s the kind of shade that you would wear all summer long.

10. Pretty In Pink

Pink is a popular shade for a reason and we love everything about this shade.

“Chrome is usually a high-shine mirror or brushed metal look. The chrome look can be achieved in a couple ways, either with a pigmented powder or we have a liquid that is applied to the nail that gives the same look,” said Tracey Reierson, director of education at Young Nails.

11. Different Colors

These nails have an ombre effect on them and they are all in different colors. We couldn’t love them more.

12. Stunning Styles

Chrome nails give you that glittering effect without all the glitter. Try it out for yourself and see how you like it.

13. Silver Styles

There is just something about silver that always looks awesome. It’s a popular shade over Christmas as well.

14. Metal Chrome

A great style that has that metal coloring to it. It’s a badass style that you can wear anywhere. You are sure to love a style like this one.

15. Black Styles

This may be a dark grey or it may be black but either way, it’s an awesome shade. These styles are dark and really meant to catch the eye. If you are a fan of darker shades, then this is one that you should try out.

16. Ombre Styles

The ombre style here goes from chrome to a matte shade. It’s unusual and awesome all at the same time. How could you not love this style, it’s both unique and gorgeous.

17. White Styles

These silver nails are all chrome and then we have one regular pink design. The great thing about adding just one different colored nail in the mix is that it breaks up the look in a flattering way.

18. Glowing Shades

An amazing style that anyone would love because the colors are magical and it’s a style that is sure to draw the eye.

19. Glowing White

Imagine this color on a hot summer day? It’s going to popping out at you and you are going to love wearing it wherever you go.

20. Galaxy Shades

These are amazing shades and every nail is different. It’s a stunning color and it reminds us of the galaxy.

21. Sparkling Silver

Another great shade that combines silver with some serious bling on the nails. It’s going to be a great style for your next event.

22. Stunning Gems

These pointed nails are truly one of a kind thanks to the chrome colors. It’s a gorgeous shade that anyone would love. There is also a clear nail that has some sparkling gems to it. An amazing style that you can wear to any event.

23. Summer Shades

This is another summer shade that is sure to bring a smile to your face. We just love this color because it’s so pretty. try it out and watch the smile appear on your face.

24. Chrome Stripes

The only chrome on this style is the thin line that is part of the manicured look here.

25. Bold and Bright

We just can’t get enough of a shade like this. It’s glittering and glowing. A great look that has different looks on different nails.

26. Bold Choices

Here are two very different shades and coloring, one is dark while the other is light. They are very different but both beautiful in their own way. One can be casual while the other would be more dressy. These are both gorgeous looks that are going to blow your friend’s minds.

27. Silver Chrome

Another stunning shade that you could really wear all year round. A style like this is really popular over the holidays but it could certainly be worn all year round.

28. Silver Points

A cool shade that is classic and amazing. A simple style that has points on it that are shorter than most that we have seen so far.

29. Dark Designs

A great look that has a dark and mesmerizing color to it. It’s a wonderful look that anyone should try out.

30. Shining Silver

A stunning shade that is truly one of a kind. We could not love this shade more and it’s one that is sure to draw the eye.

31. Pointed and Pretty

We love this style because it’s simple but yet so pretty all at the same time. It’s a great look that you are sure to love.

32. Pretty and Purple

If you love purple, then you are sure to love a color like this one. It’s pale like a pastel and yet it has all the shine that you could ever need.

33. Sparkle and Shine

We love all the sparkle that is involved with this chrome style. You won’t find a style that will glitter more than this one. The best part about it is that you can skip all the actual glitter because chrome doesn’t have glitter. It’s gorgeous and it’s sure to be a shade that you will

34. Pretty Pink

There is just so much shine involved with this style that it’s almost blinding. Try it out and blow the competition away.

35. Dark and Shiny

It’s a stunning style and one that you are sure to love because it’s bold and dark.

36. Golden Looks

The chrome shade itself is white or silver but there are golden designs on the nails that make them pop.

37. Bold and Beautiful

It’s a neutral shade but it’s made so much bolder because of the chrome design. It’s a gorgeous look that you are going to want to check out immediately.

38. Silver Love

Another great silver chrome style that you are sure to love.

39. Neon Shades

You may not be able to find a brighter design choice than this one. It’s a style that has really long nails which is bold all on its own but then you add bright shades to it and you get an even more magnificent style.

40. Shockingly Gorgeous Shades

It’s hard to say what color we love more. There are silver and gold that are luxurious and amazing but then you start to get into the colors like the emerald green which makes us want to paint our nails immediately. We also love the multi-colored shades because they are stunning. Try to choose just one shade that you love but we suggest that you try them all.

41. Different Designs

A great look that has some different shades to it and they are a fun look.

42. Different Looks

A stunning silver shade that is sure to catch the eye wherever you go.

When it comes to chrome shades, they will always look different depending on the shade that you choose.

“The chrome effect will vary based on the base color it is applied over. Darker colors, such as black will give a more visible chrome look and the level of chrome shine can be determined by the tool and technique in which the chrome powder is applied with,” Ashford said.

43. Golden Looks

A simple look that is easy to apply and you can wear it anywhere.

44. Sweet Styles

We have four different colors here and they all look different because of the shade. You can wear some casually while others would be better for a fancy event. These styles are incredible all around

45. Hot Styles

We just love the hot pink style on the end. Again, we have tons of different shades, you just need to choose the one that fits your personality the best.

46. A Touch Of Chrome

There are only a couple of nails that have the chrome coloring and they add a little pop to the look.

47. Stunning and Dark

This is another dark look that has chrome and matte shades combined together.

48. Rainbow Shades

Another great shade that you are sure to love because of all the amazing colors involved here.

49. Midnight Blue

Another stunning style that has some gorgeous blue shading. There are two different blue shades and they look wonderful together.

50. Green Shades

We just love this green shade and we are green with envy just looking at it. It’s dark and mysterious and we love it.

51. Bright and Chrome

A gorgeous shade that would be wonderful to wear to your next wedding.

52. Stunning Blue

We just adore this gorgeous blue shade and we are sure that you would love it too.

53. Bold Looks

If you are looking for a truly eye-catching look, then look no further than this style.

54. Chrome Designs

We just love this gorgeous style, it’s clean and crisp. If you want something cool that you can wear anywhere, then this is the style for you.

55. Blood Red Styles

There is just something striking about nails that are sharp and pointed and are also painted blood red. It’s a shocking look but you really can’t ever go wrong with red. The shade is absolutely mesmerizing.

56. Aqua Styles

This would be an amazing style for summer because the look is light and fresh and truly beautiful. It’s just such a bright and cool color that you will want to wear it all summer long.

57. Sweet Green

This is a gorgeous shade of green and one that you will want to try right away.

58. Mesmerizing Looks

This is a darker grey look but it also appears as if there are gold flecks to the style.

59. Sharp Designs

This is quite the dangerous look and one that is shining all day long.

60. Green Glow

A great style like this is mirrored in an awesome way and there is a green glow coming off the style.

61. Fushia Styles

A great look that is dark and beautiful. We love shades like this because they are so dramatic and cool.

62. Subtle Styles

We have a lot of great look here and we have one chrome style that really makes the whole look pop.

63. Gold and Pointed

A great style that is pointed and golden. The tip is made black and it really makes the nail pop out. if you like the pointed nail style then add some black to punch up your look.

64. Stunning Squares

There is so much to love about this look that it’s hard to pick just one thing. We have the square shaped nails which really brings about a different look. The chrome has a beautiful shade and there are cutouts on the style that really makes it stand out.

65. Bright Lines

The only chrome that we have with this look is a gold line that we see here.

66. White Lights

This shimmering white is one of a kind and it would be a great look to have for your next wedding.

67. Dark Silver

This is another metal look that is badass and cool.

68. Shining Silver

A great shade that is simple and cool.

69. Shimmering White

A great shade of white that is sparkling and stunning. There is a lot of bling on the one nail that is truly one of a kind.

70. Pretty Pink Styles

A great look that is pretty and pink. There is a lot of pretty sparkles to this style that anyone would love.

71. Pretty In Purple

A gorgeous shade of purple that you are sure to love no matter what.

72. Golden Shades

Another great look that has shimmering colors all over the nail. There is a pink glow as well as a golden glow.

73. Chrome Couple

You can just add a couple of chrome nails to punch up your look. You don’t have to do all your nails like that if it’s too dramatic for you. There are many ways to create a chrome look.

74. Shining Examples

A gorgeous look like this is hard to match. We love it so much that we might wear it this summer.

75. Cool and Calm

Another great silver style that is sure to make you smile.

76. Blue Tips

These chrome styles are amazing. It has an ombre style that starts off gold and ends in blue. It’s definitely a look that is sure to get you a lot of attention.

77. Stunning Colors

These colors are truly magical and you are going to want to try them out.

78. Black Chrome

A great look that is dark and mysterious and we love the added accents to the one nail as well.

79. Stunning Gold

This is a glamorous look and one that will draw the eye to you. If you have a fancy event coming up, this would be a great look to try out.

80. Unique Designs

The colors here are stunning and there is also a tribal design that makes the style even more unique.

81. Dark Looks

A great look like this is dark and cool, so try it out this year.

82. Cool Elements

There are only a couple of nails that are chrome in this style but it totally fits the entire look.

83. Cool and Pretty

We just love this gorgeous look because even though it is dramatic because of the mirrors, the color is soft and pretty.

84. Metal Love

By adding the metal grey to a look that has a soft pink you create a contrast that is truly eye-catching. It’s gorgeous and unique and people all around you are going to love it.